Smile More, Worry Less

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Jessica | Las Vegas | Enjoy


50. Right
51. Fuck yes I am scared of them
52. Carne asada
53. Chinese food
54. Clean and organized
55. What the fuck ever
56. Fuck
57. It depends, I can get ready in five minutes but sometimes it takes thirty. Depends on the occasion.
58. No but I can be a downright bitch if need be
59. Bite, I can’t keep any hard candy for long!
60.i do talk to myself sometimes when I’m thinking
61. I only sing to myself when I’m alone in the car lol
62. Hell no im horrible
63. I’m afraid of many things, mostly losing the people I love
64. No I like to keep my business between myself and whoever it’s with. In the past talking to other only made things worse.
65. No idea, I watch a lot many movies
66. I prefer short on guys and I like both long and short on myself
67. No hahah I can try though
68. Science
69. Yes I’m really shy at first
70. No but I’ve been to Aquariums, and swan next to dolphins in Mexico